Cyphra provided an NHS organisation with a central remote access platform that supported complex use cases for several thousand users across multiple health service bodies.


This NHS organisation had a requirement to provide a central remote access platform for several thousand users across multiple health service bodies. This presented a very complex set of user access and use case requirements that included internal and external health sector users, 3rd parties, multiple party and multiple tenant organisations. The solution would therefore need to have the capability to integrate with multiple internal credential sources, provide federated authentication for cloud services, handle both managed and unmanaged mobile endpoint devices and support multiple authentication methods (certificate, 2FA, passwords).


Cyphra was engaged by the organisation to provide the new F5 remote access solution. Working alongside the customer the solution included the following elements.

  • Analysis and documenting of the complex business and use case requirements.
  • The design and specification of the technical solution to be deployed.
  • The supply of the F5 Access Policy Manager (APM) remote access platform.
  • Implementation services using flexibility of the F5 APM visual policy editor to manage the complex requirements through Policy driven security controls.
  • Integration of the platform with the multiple credential sources, multiple virtual desktop interface solutions and multiple internal applications (SSO).
  • An agreed operational testing program.
  • A support service contract.


The solution has enabled the NHS organisation to deliver a highly flexible service to meet the varying specific requirements for their many disparate user groups (GPs, Dentists, Primary Health care Providers, Pharmacists, third party suppliers and internal health sector users). This solution has enabled them to provide a robust, scalable secure remote access service that supports the many and varied NHS service use cases they require from different devices and locations. Ultimately this has helped them deliver a cost-efficient solution that enable the NHS to provide an improved service to patients.

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