Cyphra provided a UK Public Sector organisation with a robust, resilient email content control solution to support processing over 200 million emails per month.


This Public Sector organisation had 30,000 users and was processing over 200 million emails per month. Their existing email content control platform was proving ineffective at reducing the volumes of spam and phishing emails that were being blocked at the gateway which resulted in an increased risk of successful phishing attacks and time lost dealing with spam email. The existing platform was also struggling to scale and handle the volume of emails. The organisation wanted to implement a new solution that could better handle the existing email loads, that scale to meet future demands and that could be implemented with the minimum business impact, as email was considered a business critical application.
The organisation recognised that they lacked the domain expertise to integrate a new technology into their expanded environment, and that they also required help to implement additional features such as DMARC that could enhance their security posture.


Cyphra was engaged to provide the new technical email gateway solution. This work included the following elements.

  • The design and specification of the technology to be deployed.
  • The production of detailed design documentation,
  • The supply of the (Cisco Ironport) email gateway platform.
  • A phased implementation approach to ensure minimal business impact.
  • The provision of flexible resource augmentation to assist with implementation including features such as DMARC.
  • An agreed operational testing program.
  • A support service contract.


The new email gateway was successfully implemented with minimal business impact. The solution is significantly faster than the previous email gateway and is now blocking 95% of all email at the gateway. This has significantly reduced the risk of a successful phishing attacks occurring within their environment and has reduced the volume of unwanted spam emails in user inboxes, freeing up their time.

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